VetDR Veterinarian Digital X-Ray Sensor

SodiumVET’s VetDR digital x-ray sensor gives you the convenience of a direct-to-USB digital x-ray solution that can be easily paired with a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer system. The VetDR x-ray sensor uses advanced technology to convert your x-rays to digital x-rays that are stored in your imaging database. The VetDR sensor has very high resolution and a quick processing time. With only a few seconds of wait time between activating the x-ray unit and viewing the x-ray image on your computer screen.

Fast Image Response

25 lp/mm Image Quality

High Durability

When digital x-rays in the veterinary field are concerned, there is very little that is more important than reliability. The VetDR x-ray sensor has a specially made, highly durable housing protecting the vital internal components from bites, scratches, and impact and its thousand-bend sensor cable provides you with a fast connection to your computer system.

Our specially designed sensor holder further protects your sensor and helps you to properly position it for the x-rays that you need for accurate diagnosis.

VetDR Sensor Protector
SodiumVET’s VetDR Sensor Protector is the newest way to protect your investment in digital xray.
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