Blog: How to Ready Your Clinic for Veterinary Dentistry

How to Ready Your Clinic for Veterinary Dentistry

Your clinic may be ready to start implementing dental hygiene and more for your clients. This means that you need to start taking dental xrays to be able to make more accurate diagnoses.  To take dental xrays you are going to need a dental xray generator for your office, digital xray sensors and a computer system to acquire and store the images.

We have a an array of tube head options to fit the specific needs of your clinic. Also, when it comes to secure computer networking we are experts in our field supplying reliable, fast and durable solutions for our Veterinarian clients.

The best place to start in this process is with a brief consultation over the phone. In a matter of minutes we can come up with a plan and some options for your clinic.

We know that price is a concern for all of our clients and have looked into providing very high quality products that can also work in a budget. We never offer the cheapest options, because we understand that a cheap option today can turn into expensive options down the road with down time and costly repair fees.

Wall mounted Xray Tube Heads are more reliable and often produced Xrays with less noise then portable units. They can be more expensive because you need one per exam room that you want to take dental xrays in. This can be easily balanced out by the long expected life of the wall mounted tube heads.