SodiumVet focuses on carrying products that we have evaluated to provide the highest durability and quality for our clients. SodiumVET is doctor focused. We develop our products and offerings with input from doctors who specialize in veterinary dentistry. We work together with veterinarians like you to develop solutions grounded in the core principles of durability, quality, and safety.


There are four principal components of digital radiography.

  1. Source of X-rays. A high-quality tube head is important for success with digital intraoral radiography. The tube head must be easy to position, convenient to trigger, and able to emit high quality Xrays for crystal clear images. SodiumVET offers a range of tube heads based on your budget and the specific location needs within practice.
  2. X-ray Sensor Quality. The intraoral digital x-ray sensor is what captures the x-rays from the tube head once it passes through the target tissue. When the tube head emits x-rays to the target area the x-ray sensor converts the x-rays to visible light, processes the information, and produces a digital image onto your computer screen.
  3. Imaging Software. Your patient x-ray images need to be stored in a way that is easy to organize, easy to retrieve, and easy to back up. Through its thousands of users in human dentistry our imaging software is proven to provide you with amazing flexibility, ease of use, and great organization of images.
  4. Your Staff. SodiumVET believes that the most important component in digital radiography is the people using the equipment. Your staff and our staff are the people who will guarantee a solution that benefits your patients and your practice. Our training program has been developed and brought to fruition by a veterinary dentist. We will ensure that your staff is successful intaking high quality x-rays that you can use to diagnose and treat your patients.