VetDR Sensor Protector


SodiumVET’s VetDR Sensor Protector is the newest way to protect your investment in digital xray.

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Product Description

SodiumVET’s VetDR sensor protector is the newest creation from the SodiumVet Product Development Team. We recognize that sensor damage from accidental bites is the leading cause of sensor failure in veterinarian clinics. These food safe silicone sensor covers are thick enough to help reduce a normal days wear and tear. Although the sensor protector will not stop the massive bite force of a dog it does really help reduce the normal damage we see.

SodiumVet balanced the idea of protecting the sensor with the need to keep the cover thin so as to not increase the amount of radiation required for dental Xrays.

Each Purchase includes two units for a size 2 SodiumVet sensor, it also fits a few other brands of sensors. Please inquire from our sales staff.

The sensor protector uses silicone rubber that can handle working temperatures up to 210 degrees Celsius making it safe to autoclave.

We recommend using a barrier shield between your sensor protector and your sensor, this will aide in easy removal of the sensor protector which does fit snugly on the sensor. The snug fit is a requirement for protecting the sensor and for keeping the protector unobtrusive to use.

So far list of sensors customers have reported a good fit
-Quickray HD
-Gendex EHD
-Gendex GXS

-Kodak Sensors

-Carestream sensors

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Sensor Size

SensorProtector Size 2, SensorProtector Size 1