X-Ray Generators

X-Ray Generator Sources

SodiumVET offers a wide variety of x-ray generators to fit the needs of your practice. We offer freestanding rolling mobile units, portable handheld units, and wall-mounted units. Our excellent installation staff is ready to assess your location and recommend the unit that is right for your practice and your budget.

Wall Mounted X-ray Units

Wall mounted x-ray units provide high quality x-rays and a solid solution that will perform for decades.

Owandy-RX Intraoral Tube Head with Wireless Remote
Modern and compact, the Owandy-RX will integrate harmoniously into your office as a user-friendly tool. The Owandy-RX is easy to install, whatever the layout of your office - three arm lengths (short, standard and long) guarantee the best fit to your workstation.
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Dental X-Ray Z70 DC
The Dental X-Ray Z70 DC unit is engineered to provide the best platform for dental radiographic imaging. Its sleek console is designed with an LCD panel to display parameters, modes, operations, and self diagnostic messages for the user.
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Portable X-ray Units

Portable x-ray units are sometimes the best solution for offices that need flexibility of location. Our portable unit is on a very reliable and sturdy rolling stand and can be plugged into any AC outlet in your office. This provides convenience and flexibility while saving you the cost of having to install an x-ray unit in each room.

Dental X-Ray Z70 AC Mobile Tube Head
This Z70 mobile model has great versatility, including a tight and accurate counter balance arm made with solid, high quality materials, allowing for soft movements and precision.
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