Dental X-ray Sensor Repair

SodiumVET, through our partner brand Sodium Dental, can repair all x-ray sensors with most issues.  Our turn around is super fast and repair pricing is far less than purchasing a brand new sensor.

Repair Your Sensor Now

Kodak Dental Sensor Repair

Kodak Xray Sensor Repair

Best Reasons to Use Sodium Dental’s X-ray Repair Services:

  • All vet x-ray sensors have a high likelihood of repair!
  • Repairing your vet x-ray sensor costs far less than a new x-ray sensor.
  • Our repair techs are highly trained and excellent at providing quality repairs.
  • Estimates and diagnostics are completely free with no obligation to you.
  • If our technicians can not repair your vet x-ray sensor, you will not pay.
  • All of our repairs are completed in our lab, we DO NOT outsource repairs.
  • We have our own manufacturer who creates our own custom components to improve our repairs.
  • Vet x-ray repairs come with a 30 day warranty plus 1 year warranty is available for any sensor brand.

Common Veterinarian X-ray Sensor Issues:

  • Animal bite marks on or through the sensor cable.
  • Computer no longer recognizes x-ray sensor when it’s plugged  in.
  • The company you originally purchased your sensor from say it’s not repairable.
  • X-ray sensor causes issue in your imaging software

This is not an exhaustive list.  If your veterinarian x-ray sensor or intra oral cameras are having any kind of issues send it our way and we’ll send you a free repair estimate!