Blog: SodiumVet Focuses On Durability

SodiumVet Focuses On Durability

The digital X-Ray sensor is one of the most expensive and delicate components of your digital diagnostic setup for Veterinarian Dentistry. Most of the sensors used for VET Dental are just renamed sensors intended for use in humans. Here at Sodium Vet we have worked with many different Veterinarians to develop special housings  and cases to greatly increase the durability of our Vet sensors and better meet the needs of our Veterinarians.

The reason why hard cases are not used in human dental radiography is because of the limited space inside the human mouth.

Our intention with our sensors is to provide a hard case that is very durable against accidental damage but does not impede the diagnostic quality of the sensor.

The VetDR will be the first sensor that will be sold with such a durable sensor barrier as an option.

Unlike many companies in this industry we are not just a middle man who is reselling products. Instead we are actively testing and developing new technology with our clients needs and every day use in mind.

We utilize 3D Printing for our rapid prototyping where engineers and PHDs in physics are reaching forward every day towards a product more usable to our customers and are able to produce even better diagnostics for the increased quality of care of their clients.