Blog: SodiumVet On-Site Training

SodiumVet On-Site Training

  • Our staff will call your office to schedule a convenient time where a few key team members can be available for a 3 hour training session.
  • The day before your training our support specialists will call your office and make sure the sensor and software are functioning correctly to be ready for a successful training.
  • Training starts with an overview of the components of digital X-ray including names of components to make communication as clear as possible for the training
  • Next our trainer will go over how to work your X-Ray Tube Head to get the best results with your digital X-Ray Equipment.
  • After discussing the X-Ray Tube Head, our trainer will go over our imaging software, to explain how to create a patient, capture X-Rays, View X-Rays, Export X-Rays, Refine X-Rays and work with some of the more specialized tools available in our Imaging Software
  • Now our trainer will have you work with the sensor and learn how to position the sensor for the best X-Rays
  • Once your staff is thoroughly trained we would request that you have a patient available and with the support of our trainer your staff take their first round of X-Rays.
  • The whole training session will be recorded and provided to you online to review at any time.