Blog: SodiumVET Continuing Education

SodiumVET Continuing Education

SodiumVET knows that when it comes to examining the teeth and gum health of pets, there’s no substitute to having equipment that is as equally informative as it is reliable. We are committed to coupling the highest standards of radiography technology with continuing education initiatives for our products.



SodiumVet has been delighted to sponsor study club events in conjunction with Midwest Mobile Veterinay Dentistry to associations such as the Toledo Veterinarian Society and the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association. We provide an environment to help the doctors and their staff get a jump start on veterinary digital dental radiography and it’s uses in the clinic.


The sponsored events are not only informative about the practical application of dental techniques and procedures but are also a great way to network with peers in the veterinary community.



Our speakers are highly experienced, well-accredited doctors who share their wealth of experience and knowledge of how dental procedures have benefited pets, owners and clinics.


SodiumVet is pioneering in bringing dentistry into veterinary clinics during a time when this area of treatment is in more demand than ever. We would love to help you get started today!