Dental X-Ray Z70 DC


The Dental X-Ray Z70 DC unit is engineered to provide the best platform for dental radiographic imaging. Its sleek console is designed with an LCD panel to display parameters, modes, operations, and self diagnostic messages for the user.

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Product Description

By incorporating Innovative Technologies and the latest Dual Microprocessors, the Z70 DC is packed with power and intelligence to enhance the convenience for the clinician and patients. The 100 kHz digital generator in the DC system produces stable, high quality images with a minimal dose of radiation. This device has Anatomical Programming (APR) and user selectable exposure settings. Its unique shielding technology and precise digital control for X-Ray generation eliminates soft radiation, helping to ensure that both patients and clinician are safely protected from unwanted radiation.

The smooth, drift-free positioner allows you to trigger the exposure from a distance without the concern of shift in the image position during exposure. The long scissor arm enables its reach to two patients in adjacent chairs. You may also opt for a long arm for extended reach that caters to your special radiographic requirements.


Technical specifications:

Power input ~(VAC): 120 or 230 VAC
Nominal current: 9 A – 4.5 A
Mains frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum power: 900 Watts
Tube voltage: 70 kVp (± 10 %)
Tube current: 7mA
Total filtration: ≥1.5 mm Al/Equiv.
Exposure time: 0.06 to 2.50 s
Working cycle: 1 s / 30s
Focus: SSD 200mm
Radiation field: 60 mm
Leak radiation: <7 mR/h @ 1 m

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